Tomorrow morning I have a video appointment with my physician to discuss my sore throat. Then in the afternoon I meet with the health center from work through video as well to discuss returning to campus. Then hopefully my senior-not-manager can assign me some tasks until I return to campus for training on the instruments. […]

Some people in my eye act like they had to take notes on culture and memorize its facts to learn how to behave, they are so unnatural. Bleh.

The topology of this boils down to: Is fiction real or not real? And they are arguing that fiction is real. Fucking inane, absurd. Are video games violent? Stupidest fucking shit.

I’ve always wanted to be a great mechanical engineer. In college I loved mechanical engineering. I also loved biology. They made me choose one or the other. If I live long enough, I’ll go back to ME and see what can be done there. Maybe mix up something only I could mix up with ME […]

My life is meaningless. Life is pointless. Fuck life. I can’t even clip my nails to make typing this easier. Everything’s a chore even the little things and if I say the wrong thing even a little I am punished by my OCD. I can’t stop it’s retarded. Fuck fuck fuck I hate shit shit […]

I had a dream about injustice last night. I was on my last term of collegiate about to graduate studying abroad at Princeton and I wrecked a bunch of their bicycles parked in the hallway and I was found at fault by a part of laughing jacks and I said well fuck you you stupid […]