I had a great dream. There was a brown-skinned, light brown-skinned, girl in the forest, standing up, naked, her bottom bent out, but standing up straight, just a round bottom, and she was apparently someone I had gone to college with, I recognized her, and I know who my brain thinks it was though she wasn’t really brown-skinned, she was Asian. But best of both worlds.

So I ran up like a vampire and fingered her while having her literally ride my hand as I carried her off, and eventually we reached a cliff and I started fucking her and forced her to hang on to me through her vagina, to my cock with her vagina, over the cliff or else fall off. You can imagine that must’ve been tight.

I love kinky stuff like that in dreams, but I can understand if you’re grossed out–whenever someone else discusses something like this I’m grossed out, too.

She was so hot, soft silky skin, kind of small-ish, skinny-ish, round bottom.

In other news, I’m scared of wantonly getting in trouble for going to work on-campus while sick not knowing if it was coronavirus or not, and they’re gonna tell my manager and she’s gonna scold me and being scolded as an adult is such an archaic thing. It just makes me feel bad and doens’t get anything done.

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