The thing is I’ve tried to write a book of poetry like three times now. Or two. I do’t know. It’s a big deal. I think I’ll succeed for sure this time. I’ll finish and self-publish with Barnes and noble or else cheerie =) ;D

I watched Talks Machina and had a bag of popcorn alone in my room so I’m less angry (or less in tune with my anger, less focused on my anger at) conservatives, right now, as well as less irritated with my mother. She is also asleep, sleeping for work. To bring beautiful art into the […]

And the fact that I am AFRAID to say what I just said? Says a lot. It means: I am not actually free to express myself. And that repulicans have the upper hand when it comes to owning you. Me. Our rights. So, I say, shoot republicans in the fucking temple, blow their brains out, […]

Republicans deserve to have their testicles chopped off. Republicans ought to be decapitated. Honestly, they’re way too confident in their hate and not scared enough of the future they’re creating. They’re destroying the planet and society and just being evil evil fuckers. Nasty buggers. Squish republicans like bugs. Gun them down. Shoot them in the […]

I had my training. It was nice being able to interact with another human being face-to-face, if not in person. The technical component of it was satisfying, too, engaging my mind. I don’t know if this Real Spinorial Groups book is going to be fun recreational reading or not. I kind of want a book […]

They just finished up a study in my group, results and everything, recently, so there will be a meeting with us three on Thursday about next steps. I don’t like the phrase next steps but it fits well. So. Too businessy. So that’s what the email was. Therapy is not what you think it is. […]

I don’t know what to say. So many complaints. The design team for my world is like, really inept. I finished Dictee. It was artistic but I didn’t understand most of it. Maybe that’s not the point, though. Life is meaningless. I don’t want to use the d-word. Twitter. Twitter twitter twitter. Twitch. Twitch twitch. […]

My life is so pointless. I am paid–for what? I don’t work until I get back to campus to work. To collect data. What is the next study going to be? Do I even have any say in the process? I don’t know what to do. This modern culture, I’m so removed from everyone, elders, […]

I am so alone. I am so lonely. Sometimes I pray that someone will find me. Then I think, it’ll be the wrong person. A kind soul, no doubt, but not my dream soul. They will care for me, I will thank them, but I won’t be able to love them. And then something in […]