Yep, another girl.

But first–just finished an anonymous (onymous?) survey about my “engagement” current through my staffing firm courtesy of my staffing firm. First questions: Am I engaged? A: Agree (but not strongly agree). =)

Someone on Twitch, again. she is, for all account, of a perfect face. So cute, and would age well. I can imagine her older. Probably, late 20s early 30s. Black hair, white paileish skin. Freckles. So beautiful.

BIG CHEEKS! No not ass! I mean face! As if she were always smiling! I love that in a girl.

I am so superficial. Here I am proclaiming love based on looks. But I DO believe you can love someone based on the reads you get from them. Behavioral reads mean a lot to me, and that goes through looks.

I’m being paid! yay! For work, I mean. Feels so good. Finally! After a year of not, and some on and off sick. Stable employment! And the job isn’t even that hard! I love it! =D. What a deal. Thank you, biology.

That’s alll. No wait!.

Finally, my mom made delicious nut jam pastries and I finished the last two. So good. She is actually a very good baker. Just doesn’t show it often.

K NOW that’s all.

No wiat.

Also, reading! Finished issue 80 of Agni off easily.

Now reading Dictee by Theresa hak Kyung Cha. Very artistic, if I don’t know what’s going on.

I love reading! I’m going to read a math text next, followed by FLannery Oconnor, then stuff on my kindle. In that order.

I love reading…

My life is turning around.

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