Wow. Life without Twitter is weird. How did I survive this long? No wonder my kratom use decreased after I started using Twitter. =) / =( happysad

Missing steps. Not pruning the corners where they should be pruned. But it seems criminal, unethical to do so. I’m soft. Watching youtube and similar things instead of reading or learning seems like it drains the soul. It drains mine.

So my account isn’t unlocked until tomorrow. Twitter is actually really entertaining and helps with my depression like booze helps a coke addict. Or osmething like that bad analogy. So I’m locked out for now. Fuck. I wonder which country’s laws I’m breaking by being “viollent” with my words on there. Violent using words. :3 […]

Turns out a rule on Twitter is you can’t wish people harm. Seems elementary and childish of them, but whatever floats their boat. They’re a pretty shitty social media platform in any case. Totally violates my freedom of speech.

My job project is like with HPV genotype stuff detection and tests. So that’s nice. Vagina. It’s good though, I’m glad I finally got some science in. But nothing is ever going to beat college. I don’t think any job will ever be as entertaining as the STEM education and liberal arts reading I got […]