Well I had a nice nap, which always helps with psychosis. I mean the intensity today wasn’t as bad as some days, much so not as bad, but it as all day, and more consistent. A little more predictable, more understandable and less fuck me up. But in that sense, I was a little more […]

I am a retard for not being able to solve this programming problem in ten seconds. It’s that simple, I know, and I’m that stupid.

I feel like I symbolize standing up to bullies against mental illness and all bullies. No such thing as a troll, trolling around is good fun. Just bullies. Cyberbullies. Once I realize that… My shape is atrocious. I can’t do even stuff that doesn’t require great shape anymore. I get tired doing like, nonexercise things. […]

Being under the delusion that I live under a police state is very distressful. =( Sorry, distressing? I don’t know which is actually a word. Or if both, which is appropriate. But I’m glad I’m learning jmp. Let’s incorporate our newfound shallow positivity and forego our mystical depth yeah! Into our new selves yeah! No […]

My therapist hinted at my going in the right direction by teaching me about cortisol, and I don’t know why medications are necessary (seems drastic). But I guess I’m probably also forgetting how drastic my health was. Things seem to be improving. I still don’t know where psychic influence comes from. How can someone ping […]

Whenever I don’t have anything fun to do I get so cranky I go insane. This is why I’ve been in psychiatry and therapy for five years. Wow. That’s fucking stupid.

Fucking doing simplest things in JMP is insane b/c it’s built for statistics and graphing, not basic computer programming tasks. I don’t know if I’m doing this correctly. Using a screw to hammer in a nail.

It seems that screaming at the top of my lungs on the internet (real life would do too but i might get arrested there–hypocritical of society, isn’t it? I guess it’s easier not to infringe on others’ space on the internet and there is more public space IRL) is the only way for me to […]

I’m thinking about which browser tabs to close instead of how to balance an engineering equation or whatever my true calling is. Jesus fucking Christ society’s low.

I miss when people didn’t get their honeys up in a knicker over every little thing. Yeah, you’re uptight. Yes, you. Yes, fuck off.