I had a flying dream last night and it was exquisite.

It was some sort of mutation that gave me near-wings or like-wings, so not as efficient as a real bird, but could in effect fligh.

The buoyancy on an updraft is so powerful and free and just makes you feel so alive.

Flying upward especially feels amazing. It’s like, see ya, world! Letting all your Earthly worries behind.

God I love flying (in dreams).

I love flying as a bird. I’ve had other dreams before where I flew like a bird (not like a plane) and it’s always better than in a plane.

Wow. The thrill. The rush. I’m breathless.


The other half of the dream was sort of like, I had teenage friends, I think I was a teenager, and they were sort of like Mystery Crew, trying to figure out who was flying, (it was me but they couldn’t be too sure), and some other things.

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