I don’t feel so good. I get sparks of psychosis every once in a while. Like, intense, sudden panic. For a split second at a time.

Apparently Luara Bailey, who is hot (and imagine being married to a famous person who commoners think is hot, that must be creepy), has a proflific voice acting career, despite having a shit voice.

Keep thinking I’m going to make her husband angry. He’s buff! I scared.

I need to be off the kratom. It ruins my joy, and yet my mother just wants me to do it the long slow way, suffering along the way for who knows how many more years, with frequent relapses.

This suboxone could be what helps me break through! It could be success, and that’s it! Clean! She doens’t see that. Why is she so pessimistic?

I gotta go crap. Fuck this.

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