I’m tired of reading these shitty users manuals. I want to do something but I don’t know what. What would satisfy me.

I guess I could just read my book. Reading is still hard for me. I just force myself to do it.

I kind of want to postpone it until tonight, though.

I might be going out for a photo shoot with a friend this weekend.

So yeah, the suboxone stuff is postponed to next weekend, not this weekend.

Kratom makes me feel dizzy and sick. It’s so annoying. I want to feel healthy for once in my life. And, upon physical exertion, it can give me psychosis.

What the fuck.

God. I hate life.

But I just say that and you should know. I’m so quick to call it out.

Don’t take everything so seriously, darling.

In any case.

What am I saying?

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