Well, done with work today.

Hmm. And for the week.


I don’t work very hard, though. I don’t really really push myself like my own slave driver.

I guess I could read now.

Kind of feel like wasting some time on the internet, though.

Mom’s still a bitch about my suboxone. Which, may I remind you, we’re pushing back to next weekend.

Tomorrow or Sunday I’ll be hanging out with a friend from high school, Nick, whom I talk about frequently on here.

We’ll probably do some photography. I like joint photo shoots with folk. Did some with a friend in college once, one with my now-ex downtown of where we lived.


My brain I feel doesn’t work too well anymore. It’s hard to summon the stamina to do anything more than a few minutes without a break. Beside, like, some sort of physical thing.

I need to go for my walk. Apparently it’s hot outside but I haen’t been outside all day so I dno’t know.

Oh wait no I was in the rear garden. It wasn’t hot! What gives!

Writing in here is pointless I don’t know what I’m doing.

Should get my paltry morself of exercise in.

Sigh. -_-

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