I’m confused. Do I write on here or on my twitter? What is the twitter for?

Am I done doing things for the night? I came to a good spot to stop at in my novel, and, and, and, I stopped. What else am I reading? Math?

Maybe I should wait until my introductory book on proofs shows up and read that instead. Or something introductory. Not this advanced stuff that I have no comprehension of.

Ugh. Bad grammar.

I sent Nick an email. Complaining about my being stuck.

So I guess I should still use this place for writing over twitter.

I feel like my colloquial ocd fucks me over. Things have to be perfect, just so, and I have to do it this way exactly. I don’t talk to anyone about it and it’s never been an issue in my life, but I’m starting ot notice it. But it could just be irritability in general.

The mental disorders are oddly specific, when you think about it.

I do’t know why people would like one of my posts and that specific one they like. It’s strange.

Writing helps me feel normal. I’ll have to push myself to write short storeis based off prompts, or come up with my own, some day. Or not, I don’t know. Seems like a wasted opportunity.

I ordered a Ukrainian history book. Soft cover edition will be out in May, and I’ll read it then. A Spool of Blue Thread is pretty long so finishing it may take some time. Though if you can sit still and just read fo a large chunk of time that significantly shortens the period it takes.

I’m just blabbering on here because I like it. I don’t actaully havve anything to say. And as you can see I don’t care baout my spelling mistakes at all because I’m irritated with everything.


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