I took a nap. I was feeling pretty terrible, all of early afternoon / noontime only! already! really terrible.

And I took a nap, but it was much much muuuch longer (4 hours) than I anticipated. I was OUT.


In that time my friend texted if I wanted to hang out, I said maybe tomorrow. He suggested maybe tomorrow as an option too.

So I’m feeling somewhat better now, except I have a rather intense headache.

I haven’t had headaches in a while. I notice I get them during the warmer months of the year if I don’t hydrate.

The Jim Crow stuff in Georgia is not good, because I’m a minority (schizoaffective disorder) and so they’d round me up too, eventually. Fuckers. It’s strange that someone who is put in office with many not allowed to vote feels so entitled. That they would feel so entitled. Wouldn’t it show? That they don’t have the people’s support? Like a fucking brick? I mean, obviously? Republicans are so stupid.

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