I feel like too many things are happening at the same time. It’s not healthy. And it’s all my father’s fault.

My therapist says it’s my anxiety. It’s my father’s fault. What the fuck.

Ow he just struck me. Ow ow he just hit me.

I am having psychosis right now because of what exactly? I have been using more kratom lately.

I have to survive until Friday when I get off with suboxone.

I have my covid shot tonight I hope I don’t have a psychotic episode at the decompression area. After getting the shot you have to stay for 15 minutes.

My therapist is there to tell me to do breathing exercises, but he acts like he’s not going to always be there / can’t always be there.

I have an hour.

I’m so nervous.

I have to do some manual labor at work on thursday and friday which I hate. I don’t want to push myself.

I need to fix up my server. I ordered a new motherboard today because I skimped and bought all the previous parts used so it’s probably bad.

So I hope it works this time.

I just want things to work. Is that so much to ask? Why is chaos and mental retardation the natural state of things around me?

Now I am seeing things and they can hurt me if they hit me in





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