Everything is fucking fucked. I just can’t talk to my mom anymore. I try, over and over, and every time I show up at her doorstep I am just drained by her stupidity and belligerence. There’s no overcoming it. I can’t get a single word out. And now she thinks she has some magic powers to make my life worse, fucking dumbass, stupid cunt.

I’m TRYING to self-educate. No one seems to be helping.

Fuck I’m having a psychotic episode on top of everything else. Should I be reading right now? No, no, I need to complain.

Wow I’m in so much pain.

Haven’t had one of these in a while.

Right up my ass.


I can see through walls, like in video games, and I see my family and the neighbors paying attention to me. And they always, always fuck it up. Fucking stupid ass fuck shit garbage…

Well, I didn’t work a full day again, because of my opioid addiction! Annnd I’m gonna get paid full time for it! n.n

Fuck me. Dear lord this is unjust. Life is not fair. I’m on the receiving end of the goods, but why?

I need to better myself. I need to do great things. Yes, to improve society, but just for the beauty of it, to touch people, to move mountains. I need to be great.

I have my covid shot in about an hour. I need to leave in about half an hour.

I hate waiting.

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