–and ac tivities that require .. silencing the mnid (that wasn’t the first thought… what haippened?)

Okay. Hello. Good morning. Today is going to be busy. I have an apt with my therapist at 9:30. Then I have to go in to lab for training. Then I have to label tubes. Going in to lab = driving half an hour to the site (dont forget your badge!).

Labeling tubes is going to be a hassle.

I didn’t do my French exercises yesterday. Hopefully I will start remembering to do them.
Also that global warming thing, I was serious about that! I just need to find some time to brainstorm. It can be small, enough for one person, like donating or starting something. Doesn’t have to take care of the problem in sum. Developing some sort of software or advertisement thing would probably be most up my alley as in challenge level and payout.

Good morning!

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