I am doing my french lesson for the evening, it’s 11:08 PM, for the day. I’m trying to do one daily lesson on LearnWithOliver.com. Good site. Highly recommended. Low commitment, good tool(s). Different ways to learn. No option of recording yourself, however. That might be a nice addition. May consider asking them.

Did my reading of A Spool of Blue Thread earlier. It’s Friday, right? What a long day. I woke up early today and got started at work at 9:30. We labeled tubes all day and I went home at 2. I tried to make it to a lab apt but it got fucked, and anyway the med I was supposed to have picked up wasn’t picked up so it didn’t matter anyway. I’ll be tapering off kratom with suboxone in two weeks. We keep pushing it back, which is tres frustrant. I sent my addiction doctor a message about this, asking to reschedule the apt we had for Sunday for two weeks from now. I made it clear that I was not happy with the pharmacy since I have been preparing mentally to detox for some time now. But I got busy today anyway so it’s alright.

I’m feeling a little less anxious than normal and more in the zone, spaced out or whatever, right now. I am going to self-publish with either and/or amazon, barnes and noble (can you do both?) a book of poetry. I need to see the market share, how many kindles vs nooks are out there and what sort read what. Are nook readers more bookish than kindle readers? Amazon’s taking over the world, guys. All they do is sell stuff! Comon! Srsly. It’s not so amazing.

Talked to mom A LOT today. Made me feel much better.

So anyway I finished writing or rather selecting preexisting poems and editing where necessary for the book, and now I am reading through from start to finish. I’m 3/4 done, it doesn’t take that long, but my stamina, not perfect, and it’s rough, it’s very abstract stuff so it’s challenging. I like that. I like my poetry style.

I’ll be reseraching regenerative medicine with my mom more, she wants to regenerate our dead cat back to life. Can’t yell at her for trying, science and good intentions, what can I say.

We only have one submission for our April issue. I keep advertising on twitter but no one responds.

Time to go talk to mom some more. That’s more or less all that’s it. Oh yeah also check out the phone app Merlin, for bird Identification. I love it!


New motherboard came in, and someone on reddit taught me a technique for debugging components. They said to start with the ram to check if the CPU is the problem. This is all for my home server which I want to build from scratch, and had running (without internet) for a while, WHILE psychotic! =D I’m so accomplished. It’s impressive, though, being able to get anything done in that state of mind. =(

May go photography with Nick this weekend. Also it’s baby brother’s birthday. I am just giving him some cash through middle brother because I don’t want him to throw away what I buy for him (he’d do that).

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