I was listening to the laundry, both the washer and dryer were on, from my bedroom, across the hall, in the laundry room, and it was free sound. Free entertainment. Listening to sounds. The sound of machines operating. Why even pay for movies?

Brother is ordering sushi now for baby brother’s birthday. He dropped off gifts at his apartment. He went alone. I’m not allowed to know where the apartment is, as isn’t father.

I should be studying my data science on coursera but it’s hard to push myself, still. When will it be natural?

A second place prize is reading from my kindle. Over halfway through A Spool of Blue Thread. Read a bunch of poetry chapbooks last night I purchased in the late at night hours.

Met someone on GoodReads. Neat.

I guess it always helps to show you’re human. Not that people don’t trust quiet people, but anyway.

What is the average person? It’s a hard thing to grasp.

From Richard Feynman to George Carlisle. Or whatever their names are. Richard Feynman I remember.

I want to write. But, it’s hard. Not what you think I mean. I don’t mean writing is hard. It’s the sociocircumspectual process surrounding it can be challenging. I need to publish my poetry book, my mom said she would read it some time. I don’t know. The other bad part about not having friends is you don’t have anyone to edit your writing when you’re a free agent.

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