I feel like a total fucking loser for not getting anything done. I can’t shower, I can’t read, I can’t do laundry, I can’t study. I don’t even have that many responsibilities and I don’t even get those done. Showering. For work. To appear acceptable. Yes?


What ze fuck. Mierd de poutain. What goes wrong with me so often.

I want to feel empowered.

Why would I need to feel empowered to take a fucking shower? Jesus. What is wrong with me.

The truth is I haven’t showered in months. I’ve only bathed and then shampooed my hair. Seems to work, though.

But showering gets you cleaner, is my little cheatsicle for ya.

My posture at my desk is atrocious, too.

I’m only at my job for 6 months, one and a half have already passed, what the fuck? They better extend my contract.

It pays well. Really, it does. And if I get hired permanent in a year or so, I’ll probably get a raise, cuz as of now it’s not as much as I made at my last company. But they paid me for my slave labor. They bought me. See what I mean? There’s a difference between being employed and being bought. I was bought.

Now I’m employed.

Well anyway.

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