I had an awesome dream. I forgot my evening meds yesterday, and i had dreams two sleep sessions in a row. I wonder if that is a pattern.

The dream just now, my nap after work, was, like it was a video game, one of those ones where you don’t play the controls too much, just occasionally X or Y or whatever, O, and it’s very dialogue-heavy with like a book structure and in depth characters very detailed personalities, and it was like raining and mud and me (real) and little sister (just exists in the dream) are traveling across country or something and we finally find trucker dude who is nasty and crazy and tries to get us killed with like saws and trucks and stuff but you gotta dodge it that’s the game with like X and O and stuff, and then when you survive he kind of comes around and helps out.

Fuuuuuuck dodging and almost missing was nerve wrecking! Sheeeyaaat! =O XP

I loved all the characters in the game, they were all so unique, that I think this could make a really good idea for a real game, only I don’t have the capacity to make it just yet. =(. How do I fix this problem? Making game deisgn even more accessible, high end game design more accessible, than it is now? With realistic character graphics and stuff? Or would it just take a lot of self-educating in 3d graphics design to get it done and that’s the final word?

Who knows…

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