I don’t know what I should do now. I’ve solved this sort of problem before by simply doing the first, or all one at a time, tackling everything but doing just one thing. I don’t know, I’m stuck this time. It’s a mental thing. Stuckiness.

My options available are: reading, data science coursera.org, drawing in my sketchbook, and more reading.

Hmm. That’s not supposed to be overwhelming!

Well it is.

And I am so artistic you better believe it if you can’t tell I’m artistic you’re blind.

I am more artistic than half the artists in galleries.

But back in the 19th century they had skill at least.

Modern art is crap no one needs any skill any more. Just vomit on a canvas and they call it art.

I can do that I’m good at it. Only mine does actually look good. And I admit sometimes the professionals look good too. But not the famous ones. They’re hoaxes.

The art world. Such engaging conversation topic.

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