People are fucking shitheads. All of them. They make me feel like shit. Why am I so codependant. I don’t like this species. SHUT THE FUC UP, SPELLCHECK!

BLM? I Don’t get it. Don’t all lives matter? What do all the other races say? Are we supposed to say BLM? I’ll say BLM if that helps. Does it help? I don’t have any black friends I’ve never had this conversation. Excuse me.

But you have to admit, police killed 70% other races (not black) in 2020. So. No one talks about that / looks at it that way.

But really, it’s insane to chop up this pie this way. Why argue? People are dying. Solutions over analysis at this point. Although… 8-)

Analysis is always good. But sometimes it does sound ridiculous, does it not?

People making a fool of me on Twitter for mixing up the USSR and Russia. I’m Russian-Ukraining. I know the difference. Why bother? Fuckers. Angry at them. Like, am I supposed to be full of nationalistic pride or something? Egotistical ball sacks. Haverford naive shitfucks.

Well anyway I woke up and it’s been nothing but problems on Twitter (a ridiculous name for a piece of software, nothing more) so far. Woke up around 3. Took a nap yesterday, is why.

I don’t have to go into lab on Monday. I also had too much kratom this morning.

But more importantly, I don’t have to go into lab on Monday. Although, we have a meeting, the three of us, to discuss things including but not limited to my training. It went very well. And other things, like I said.

Yeah fuck, I have a stomach ache from the ktea. Bleh.

Some disturbation in my thoughts. Disturbment. Hmm. Not peace of mind.

I wonder when my next psychiatry appointment is. I don’t remember. It must be in May. Maybe? Or no, this month? Next week? I should check. I think it’s this week coming up. I don’t want to miss that.

I don’t like people.

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