Bored, but I don’t want to fucking study or read or learn anything. I didn’t do my French exercises today, tonight.

My book of poetry is published on Amazon. I can’t tell you my name on there because this blog is my secret identity. It’s where i go to be an ass (read: vent and be honest with the world, which are persecutable crimes).

Fuck the police state society has become. Royally fuck it.

Twitter is refreshing with new content, no new posts yet, so I’m waiting for the next round. Ugh. Art on there is gorgeous sometimes, and sometimes just all the fucking same.

I don’t know how I feel about that platform. it’s kind of fucking stupid that it’s called ‘Twitter” and that posts are called “tweets” and that they even came up with their own word for posts in the first place. Retarded surely.

But in any case, I use it.

Woha, dizzy wave, from the kratom surely no doubt. Whoa. Ugh. No fun.

No mui bueno.

Something like that.

Spelling probably incorrect.

So anyway.

What else?

My coursera data science thing renewed because I haven’t finished the fucking course yet and it’s been a month again, so there goes another $50 down the shitter. Yep, it’s cheap… if you fucking stay on schedule. Which I don’t because I’m a retard with depression who can’t do anything.

Well anyway.

I didn’t shower, I didn’t shave, I didn’t do laundry, I didn’t clip my nails, I didn’t do any grooming or cleaning whatsoever this weekend.

I’m a waste of life.


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