Hello. It’s about 5, not quite 5:30, AM, I woke up throughout the night, I slept with the lights on. I had a really intense dream about like this adventure, lately I’ve been having these dreams about these adventures you could only have in dreams because they’re so bizarre. Really beautiful, though. I don’t remember the details, only traces of scenes, shapes. So like, what am I to describe it, right?

I’m feeling better about life right now. I slept a lot yesterday. Kind of a waste of time, I guess, but possibly not if it lifts the spirits.

I don’t observe myself enough, i don’t think. Hmm.

I also got that, after all my dreams were over and I was just lying in bed trying to be comfortbale, I got that in-bed discomfort that is just really… uncomfortable, annoying, like in my muscles or skin or something, not quite sure where, and I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. So I got up and here I am. Really, comfort comes at a premium these days. Misery and comfort are opposites, I often think.

I don’t know. Just sort of staring out and zoning out here. Life’s not so good. I don’t really care what my mom bitches about, tells me to appreciate little things. Life just sucks, let’s be frank.

The dreams, I wonder… it was like I was going through this course, this series of levels, like in a Mario World or something–holy hell the neighbors are doing something to their garage outside and it sounds like aliens. Weird.

Like a little minigolf course, except epic scale. And introducing encounters, scenes. Evil spirits, strange creatures, good. I understand that your interpretation of it will be different than mine but I really wish I could make it as similar as possible.

What is that weird fucking sound coming from outside. Like metalworking.

Maybe it is aliens.



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