I see the same decisions I make differently compared to my past self, no harm, just different

… and yeah, it’s true.

I went on a walk with mom through the neighborhood across the street and up the hill and I feel better now. I am taking care of some finance. I had an $8/month Amazon music account I didn’t know about until Mint.com informed me! Thank god! I canceled it immediately. (I use Spotify). Phew! Love free money. Unfortunately that probably drained like $100 from my bank acct -_-.

So anyway, I am feeling much less psychotic. I’m always scared of it, it’s a horrifying experience psychosis, but now mom is looking at houses on her laptop in her bedroom and she showed me one that’s for sale in the neighborhood. We want to buy another house FYI.

I am going to invest $6000 more in my IRA. So I needed to set up some bank-to-bank transfers. To my checking account, to be specific. (Hope this information doesn’t get me hacked or anything…)

And what else…

Yeah well life’s good. Easy week of work (not really but now it feels like it was easy, even though it was a nightmare at the time). I hate that concept/phenomenon by the way. When facts and reality and perspective change. That perspective changes how you see something. I am a fan of objectivity. I don’t like subjectivity is what I am saying, I guess, especially when it’s two different lenses from the same person–me. =/

Interesting topic. Nick would love to discuss but he’s been busy. He has very little time for me but maybe tomorrow we can do some photography. I’m feeling up for it.

Oh btw my psychiatrist (not my addiction medicine doctor) said the suboxone should make getting off the kratom easy. So, yeah, that’s a relief. Can’t be sure until I go through it for real, but yeah. I have his word.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

Exclamation marks or periods??

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