I feel like I need to work really hard just to be satisfied with my life. I think it’s this giant fuckup that I can’t, but it’s just procrastination. It’s amazing that procrastination can make you feel suicidally bad. I don’t even have, like, there’s nothing depending on me except the, well, there are problems at large that need to be solved and they need bright young people like me to work their hardest to contribute. Without me who is going to fix world hunger and the likes? Global warming? Etc?

Fuck. Here I am talking about it again instead of reading the data science article that is my hoemwork.

And the chip-away-at-it technique will NEVER be sufficient. Even if it works it won’t be sufficient. I don’t know where the logic is there, but I don’t get it. Nothing makes sense.

I don’t know, man. I don’t know.

Someone help me…

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