There’s something wrong with my therapist and I don’t know what it is. The first session I had with him I was psychotic and he exploited me. He instigated me to drink. Ther’es no evidence because he didn’t actually do it but that’s my side of the story. I did drink that night, if that’s evidence. Ther’es a scar on my liver with a timestamp on it, so there. But yeah, that HE did it, is not “true”.

He’s very defensive, you’ll have to pardon him.

I’m not here to smear anyone but I don’t like criminals hurting me.

I don’t undertsand why he’s in my room.

Well anyway. Just touching upon the subject.

Oh yeah btw, I need him to do his fucking job, which he is not doing, in helping me recover, and he is being paid to do it but he is not doing it, so technically his company should just flat out fucking fire him and let him rot on the streets like the llowlife scum he is.

Fucking cocksucker.

Anyway that’s all.

Also he’s a fag.

Garbage piece of shit.

Invading my privacy time and time again.


Thanks for listening.

this accomplished so little I can’t tell if it accomplished anything at all. I wish there were microscopes for whatever this is, progress, I guess it woul dbe.

Now the spirit of my father wants to rape me some more.

This is such a terrible situation.

I should leave but I’m a physical being. Ther’es no real “leave” in your fucked up spiritual sense of the word, cocksuckers. Get a life.

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