It seems to have calmed down. The waves of psychosis are unpredictable indeed. Not sure whether to use the word indeed or not. But authority figure are still yelling at me in my most vulnerable organ–my brain. And blogging neighbors are lying to me covering it up, saying that’s not true.

So in short I’m being abused again. By the mobs at large.

Humanity is not good.

What else was I going to say…

Well I have to finish my sentence! Some subhuman ghosts have ADHD and the most unrealistic expectations.

Brainless shits.

What was I going to say…

There’s nothing to do.

There’s nothing to do.

There’s nothing to do.

I should be asleep by now.

I must have insomnia or something, it’s probably all.

I really want to wake my mom up and ask for her help but she won’t be able to help.


She’ll just yell at me.

I dont’ know what to do.

I’m not anxious or panicking in any way.

Ghosts of people I’ve met haunt me. Enter the privacy of my bedroom like they are entitled to in the first place (Which they aren’t, it’s illegal and wrong), and preach at me like they know better than me what to do (they don’t, no one knows what to do).

Then they’ll probably take credit–no they just interrupt my train of thought. Fair enough crime.

I’m just fucked period.

Not what they wanted to hear, but I don’t mind.

No one who invades my privacy cares about me, though.

These people who own me, these ghosts who own me, sure do put a lot of effort into twisting their image around me.


Reminds me of my corrupt bitchass therapist.

Psychiatrist’s out till Tuesday. Will hopefully get some recommendations on medication from him.

A good psychiatrist is worth its weight in gold.

A good therapist not so much because talk is cheap and that’s all therapy is: talk.


I’m out.

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