Went donwstairs to check if there was anything to be done in the kitchen/dining area. Nope. I should clean the kitchen more often. Dad psychically harassed/abused me in his sleep with his mere breath from the sofa while I pondered that. There’s milk in the fridge. I went back upstairs, saddened that my father is now a criminal. Saddened is not really the right word.

So now, I don’t know what to do. Something needs to be done about my father as a problem, obviously. Like, he needs to be restrained and punished. Prison is one option. But mom doesn’t want me to call the cops on him. Plus I’m crazy so the cops would victimize me for no reason.

So basically it’s anarchy and this is the United States. Shithole country. Not that the world is gonna fix anything.

I have no friends and my family has totally turned on me. Mom watched TV all day. She’s got a round belly, not a fat ass. I have a round belly too, and some man-breasts. I’m working on it. I do pullups now. And walk through the neighborhood. I don’t know if it’s enough. We’ll see.

Biden is angry with me. I mean he doesn’t get logical arguments I guess? Or he’s never been contradicted? Is he that entitled? My college was heaven on earth. The smartest people I have ever met (not geniuses, still) went there and interacted with me. Good times. Average times. My life’s shit in comparison.

What else…

Yeah. Life sucks. Fuck you.

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