My laziness has been an enemy of mine for quite some time. It’s a part of me that I loathe, and makes me feel despondent because it cripples my productivity to the ground. If you literally want to do anything you need initiative and effort. Even fun, enjoyable things like video games or TV are […]

I don’t know. Life is not like the TV. Therapy is not whenever you want as long as you need on whatever topic you feel like. It’s guided and compact and infrequent. Which is why I still have to write in here. So there’s that for yer explanation. I’m getting mega bad psychotic vibes, delusional […]

I got a new monitor. It is curved. I like it very much. Scrolling PDFs, for example our literary magazine proof, is so smooth. Plus the font on this post draft is so dippled (word?), it looks cute. All in all everything looks smashing. I’m sure games will look amazing. I just need to play […]

I’m so useless. I don’t understand how my own brain works. What, did I even grow up in this dimension? It’s strange, reacclimating to real life. I guess that’s what drugs do to you. They make you weird during the recovery period because you’ve been gone for so long. There’s so much cognitive load in […]

It’s morning and last night was, I don’t remember, was it bad again? I could ask my mom. She is a part of these forays into the world of psychosis. I still get negative vibes writing about some things and not some others. Why is that? Am I so weak? But no one’s holding my […]