I got a new monitor. It is curved. I like it very much. Scrolling PDFs, for example our literary magazine proof, is so smooth. Plus the font on this post draft is so dippled (word?), it looks cute. All in all everything looks smashing. I’m sure games will look amazing. I just need to play something gorgeous and I’ll go “g’awwwww….”.

I fell asleep during work today. Doesn’t make me feel the best.

I always feel the need to drink coffee or kratom or SOMETHING. Some stimulating beverage. Little does my brain know that my body just needs water. But I’m fucked. The kratom fucked my system. I’m still on opiates, technically. The suboxone replacement therapy.

Some of the art I ordered from small-time artists from various locations should be arriving soon. I think one already did, should be in the mail box down the road. Not street, but road. Road. Not street.

You get the picture. Pitura.


Things. Mostly these cravings are hecka annoying. I wonder if/when I will ever stabilize. I didn’t send any inappropriate messages to my doctors yesterday! But I also forgot to do my French exercises. -_-

They scheduled me for some appointments without my input. Which I approve of, because I was too scared to talk to any of them.


What of it…

Well anyway.

We only had four contributors for our 2nd issue of the mag, CJ, me, and two new guys. =/. I wish we had more but it’s still really really good. It’s an awesome publication. I’ll be sure to advertise once it’s out on my poetry blog, linked somewhere to this one in the header I think.

Typing at this keyboard is tough. I ergo-decked out my system, not limiting to just this curved monitor, which relieves so much slouching neck tension. Hallelujah!

Yeah. Aesthetics come in all shapes and sizes. One must appreciate life to get through it.

I tried to learn some JMP programming today, and I read one script on the file exchange, read it through once or twice, not nearly enough to understand it completely. And Googling things for a proprietary non-open source programming language like JMP doesn’t get you many hits, as it turns out. But there are educational resources, nonetheless.

I am getting better at pullups. And I went for a walk. Still in terrible shape!~ ;)

No I mean, really, it feels terrible. Having been in good shape my whole life, not being so feels bad. Sigh. I don’t know. But I’m so lazy, you know? It’s hard! I don’t know what to do. Once covid is over I’ll join a pickup soccer league for beginners and hopefully not get my toes stomped on by spiked cleats or my shins kicked in. Fuck. Both of those things happened before. I think I recovered… eventually…

Can you tell there is more order to my thought process here? Less haphazard. It’s nice, right? Less is more! =)

I love you. I know that’s hypocritical of me to say. But who else would I swear at!? =O

Well anyway. I guess I’m an ass and everyone knows it. Some thoughts are just so realistic. My imagination ruins everything.

Haven’t trawled twitter for the past umthing hours at the least. Cuz of that nap, I think.

My senior says there’s nothing I need to get done beside get better at JMP. Satisfy my curiosity and if there’s anything I want as a feature from our data, write a script for that. I don’t know, I can’t even think what I would want. I don’t exactly care that much about HPV datasets, y’know. It’s not really my thing. I mean I want girls healthy, but personally not too passionate. Eh. =/

I’ll leave it at that for now. More later.

Thanks for listening.

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