My laziness has been an enemy of mine for quite some time. It’s a part of me that I loathe, and makes me feel despondent because it cripples my productivity to the ground. If you literally want to do anything you need initiative and effort. Even fun, enjoyable things like video games or TV are shot to the ground by my laziness.

In short it ruins my life. I’m hoping to blog a bit about this in the coming future ongoing to track it and come up with some intellectual premises to monitor and adjust it, and possibly combat it without hurting myself, so yeah. That’s pretty cool, amiright? The power of writing and thought.


But it might end up that this doesn’t do anything at all, that blogging about it is merely another waste of time, a trap, and it doesn’t improve anything or if anything just feeds the laziness and makes it worse. But we can only find out one way: By trying it out.


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