My psychosis is less intense and more predictable, in the evenings now, but also more frequent. Daily. This should make it more manageable with my psychiatrist, but I don’t see him for a month. WHelp. He may recommend some medication adjustments through the messaging system though. I just hope my account wasn’t hacked. I couldn’t […]

My health insurance account got hacvked or its not working or something. I hope it didn’t get hacked. THAT would be annoying. Yewp. Buyt also more so over: I have cut some cyberties, hopefully that cleans things up. Fewer connections between lit mag and me, the ass (why people think that I don’t know, it’s […]

Sorry, Nick!

I never meant to let you know I was an asshole! But now you know, because I disclosed my account name and connected it to my IRL identity. But I just swear in here and cuss people off and AM an an ass. It doesn’t mean I don’t care! Well I guess I have no […]

This curved monitor’s great, though!

Fuck fuck fuck. Nevermind that the WiFi keeps cycling off and on, down and up, but that that’s annoying. But that that’s annoying, but that I need to watch some educational videos online for my data science course. For the machine learning module of my data science course. To gain the credentials so I can […]

I want to feel independent and clear-minded all the time, like I did last night. The doctors are after me, I don’t know what they want from me but they want something from me. They think I treated them poorly and I owe them. I don’t know, they’re insane. That’s how I feel, at least. […]

I just woke up an hour ago and I feel pretty like, like, people are giving me shit. My doctors are giving me shit. My coworkers are giving me shit. My family is giving me psychic shit. It’s redundant, to say, because it’s all psychic shit. I thought typing like this, with a keyboard, would […]

I’ve got nothing to do at work today again, the fuckers, so I have to amuse myself with the JMP programming language. Not having any tasks to get done really puts a damper in needing to learn things… Then there’s this IT person who keeps asking to remote into my computer and then doesn’t follow […]