My psychosis is less intense and more predictable, in the evenings now, but also more frequent. Daily. This should make it more manageable with my psychiatrist, but I don’t see him for a month.


He may recommend some medication adjustments through the messaging system though.

I just hope my account wasn’t hacked. I couldn’t sign on earlier.

My phone still works though so worst comes to worst I can call them.

I really hope I wasn’t hacked. I doubt I was.

Nick responded a little today but not the whole thing.

What else…

Mom goes to work in a bit. Like ten minutes.

I feel so worried that there’s something utterly wrong, and it’s my fault. I’m not aware of doing anything wrong, and no one’s informed me of my crimes. But I feel like that won’t matter, and I’ll be incriminated anyway. I’m scared. Really scared. =(

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