This curved monitor’s great, though!

Fuck fuck fuck. Nevermind that the WiFi keeps cycling off and on, down and up, but that that’s annoying. But that that’s annoying, but that I need to watch some educational videos online for my data science course. For the machine learning module of my data science course. To gain the credentials so I can get a job I don’t absolutely loathe. But if the job I would like, then why is the studying so hard? I’m not good at reading, or watching videos, or doing things other than being functional, is why. Technically it’s useless, doing things just to learn. You don’t accomplish anything new. Unless the professor assigns a very v. interesting exercise. This keyboard shuts (fucking sucks) and it gives my left wrist exercise because why? I don’t know it’s just terrible ergonomically. Much better to typola at the kkboard. But I’m immune to SARS-CoV-2 now so own it. Fuck y’alll off asss…….ssssssss—~=) What I mean to say is, this is a waste of electricity, and I really ought to be managing my psychotic triggers better. I think my therapist is not offended by my bizarre behavior–he understands. He hooked me up with him for next week. Don’t want to give away too much information or else my anonymity is compromised. I’m still on the suboxone. Still? Just started! Saw the doctor in a video chat today. One of them. Paranoid that they were looking down on me. I don’t know. I hate psychosis xoxoxo What else is there -Royksopp(?) Well in any case -No one(?) I don’t know. Yeah. For sure. But really, I hate studying, but I have to to get a better job. This is the conundrum I am wrestling with. Also money problems to get a new house so mom can NOT be abused by dad (have to physically separate him from her, asshole bitch), but not enough money as HE is retiring, bought FOUR cars (dumbass) and doesn’t have much in retirement. Fucking idiot. So he can hardly help pay for THIS house, which means I can’t help buy a new one because I’ma have to help cover the one we already have. Stupid situation. He really fucks over the rest of us! n.n sugoiiiii!!! =Dxoxoxo
So what I mean to say is, I loved you, wholeheartedly, for the duration of it lasting, which I anticipate not being too long.
Well whatever…
We’ll see how much of a loan I’m approved for, once things stabilize out a bit (in a few months) and we see how MY job is going (nevermind I hate pipetting like the devil), or if I really do just have to pay for this house every other month (mom does every other other month). So mom, me, mom, me. Dad pays for four cars and a business office rental. Stupid. Forgot to mention the office. Yeah there’s that, too.
But at least we have a plan. I’d say the plan is wait a few months for now. Ahhh. So don’t stress! But I’m probably forgetting something and mom will correct me next time we talk.
Brother is paying for baby’s appartment. He doesn’t like it but he cares for him. I’m not involved. Baby is depressed so he cant’ get a job. He cooks to maintain his mood,a nd reads manga and hangs out with his best friend. At least he has that. We all care about him, but he’s too sensitive! which is annoying.
What would you do? Iunno…
I think that’s it for now. I need to get back to studying, which I really don’t want to do. Maybe I can just procrastinate on my data science by doing my french exercises. Or just do a little bit at a time (of data science). Yeah that. A hybrid approach.
I wish learning were more rewarding. That would solve alllll my problems.
AND pipetting weren’t the devil. That would solve the other half of all my problems.
And dad didn’t abuse mom. That would solve the third half of all my problems.

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