I’m using the generic-brand suboxone-alike. It’s helps with the kratom cravings.

Sometimes I don’t know what’s human on the internet and what’s a script. Or what’s a ghost in my mind. I haven’t studied psychosomatosis, folks, in school or independently. Hmm.

I shouldn’t have slept so much today. I am starting to feel a little less guilty, though, so that I can ironically function a little better. I’m studying jmp? Am I? I have to, I am responsible for selecting, my own skill levell of tutorila and I don’t know what it is. How much do I know? Am I going too easy on myself?

Well we’ll make it in the end. To proficiency in the software. Question is, am I wasting my time instead of learning R? Hmm? That wouldn’t be MY fault now, WOULD it, mr my company? WOULD it?

Well what can I say…

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