Again, I feel I am mellowing out. As in lashing out less on the internet due to my psychosis. It’s odd.

Or is it even? :3

So anyway, I’ve been tutoring myself with some material on how to basics of JMP software for work today. I have about halfway left to go. Hurrah!

Then I get a certificate at the end. I think I need a deliverable at the end of all this or my manager won’t be very happy, even if it’s partly my senior’s fault. Sigh.

I should be able to finish by the end of tomorrow with this particular tutorial.

Then I’ll look into others, particularly scripting (or maybe statistical analysis? or how integrated are the two after all?) and train in that, WITH certification. That part is very important because I tend not to retain information very well so it’s hard for me to defend myself in a court of accusationthatIwaslazy :3.

Mom’s asleep, dad came home, brother’s at work in his room.

Covid’s strange. I definitely got into some fights with people during it on the internet. Stupidity is hard to correct! =O

I don’t think I did anything wrong, tho. I mean I have, but not in regards to the specified situations.

Well anyway. At your will–

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