To be honest, I don’t really like this perixx German keyboard. My available space isn’t big enough. The mouse is alright. The whole setup is annoying.

Resolved some missing items, except one from Etsy, online. So that’s good and bad.

I went on a walk for exercise and to mull over my thoughts and I feel as though everyone hates my living guts and that is a danger, because they could end up hurting me because of it. My coworker, my friend, maybe my family even. It’s a sketchy situation. I’ve been paranoid of my senior at work for a while though, despite his acting very kind on the surface.

Paranoia moves in interesting patterns. How am I able to acknowledge this? You live with it long enough you learn a thing or two…

I don’t know. I’m so fucking sick of work. I didn’t work hard enough today. So yeah. There. That’s my guilty confession. I’m so fucked. Certain people show up in my mind, I’m just fucked. I have no sanctity of mind anymore. No more peace. This therapy + psychiatry is so weak and takes so long. Wow. Brain disease is intense.


All these crumbs under my feet by my chair feet. So annoying. Don’t eat snacks by the computer, folks.

What else had I to say…

Yeah mostly nothing much. The Earth and its humans are devoid of anything good and deserve to just be instantaneously annihilated. So there’s that. n.n

What else except that I usually have no clue what i am saying.

Oh yeah! I have agonizing cravings for chemically potent beverages: kratom, booze, or coffee. It’s not good and I haven’t talked to my therapist or, more importantly, psychiatrist about it yet. I don’t know what to do.

I’m so fucked. Writing is great. I love writing. I wish I could write for work. Oh well. Too scared to commit to something so sketchy. The ads are so unprofessional. It’s dumb. They’re probably meant to DETRACT people from trying to write professionally, imo.

So it goes.

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