Using my Alexa to take audio notes makes me feel like I own a studio and I live in it, in my room. It’s so neat. I feel so sophisticated. I came up with this plan and everything, for brain computer interface while dreaming to take journalism notes during an event. I have no idea. =)

But it’s also could just be that I am recovering my mental health off of kratom. I have nausea now so that is finally a physical side effect of all this. I am upset at myself for forgetting to change my shirt after I got home from the doctor (covid shot 2) yesterday. I slept in it so my bed is contaminated. =(

But mom made me some ginger tea with lemon and I refilled it. Superb for mild stomach aches and even necessary for strong ones to start.

Medicine is so complex and powerful. I respect it so much. But I mega don’t like being policed and suppressed. I guess that’s the mental illness speaking.

But all in all things are improving. I think!


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