Job et alia

Twitter makes me feel fucking atrocious and I don’t have a fucking clue why. It’s so bizarre to me. How does this all work? It doesn’t make me anxious/nervous, just bad. Bad. You know what feeling bad is, right? Surely you know!

Talked to mom. She’s always good for a quick chat.

But sometimes she makes me feel like shit, too.

I need a job writing articles online. Sigh.

Well I guess science is super romantic. But it’s all cause. That’s all it boils down to. Cause and Logic. There’s a giant layer of Brunt Labor in between that most are not aware of, too. And yes, they hire peons for that part of the work. =/

So it’s pretty stupid. If you like mindless stuff to ponder life, meaning, and existence, I guess it’s good for me. Me, I prefer actually thinking and solving problems.

What’s the diff. tho.

What’s the diff., in the end.


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