Ouch, well, that backfired. I guess some of you are more senselessly vicious than I thought! I WAS trying to apologize but I’ll just ignore you from now on. Thanks.

A apologize for abusing you with abusive language, but really, our relationship is too intimate anyway so you just shouldn’t expect so much. Sorry.

This is interesting, guys, read it for once

I have data sceince homework, which is to read a science article referenced on coursera course website. And if I dont I am punished with Twitter use, because twitter is bad and unhealthy for the brain, therefore causing me schizophrenia. How an invention like this hasn’t been eyed suspiciously by the UN and human rights […]

People on twitter are fucking sociopaths. They’re fucking harassing me again, and twitter does nothing to stop it. What do I report, though? They’re just being asses is all I can argue! There’s no details in my evidence! It’s hopeless.

Nothing quite satisfies me. This was one of the reasons I was on kratom. I’m much happier off it, but this nagging sensation still exists. What is my life’s purpose? I start to ask really stupid questions without fulfillment. I don’t know how to make myself happy, in short, and you’d think it would be […]

I want some sort of candy, but everything I like can kill me if I have enough to enjoy it. Booze, drugs (or put me in prison), kratom (also a drug) (causes long-term anhedonia), that’s about all I want. Booze, drugs, and kratom. Well in any case, I don’t understand why everything I want is […]