This is the opposite of the genius I thought I would feel last night. I am frustrated and violated by others. Strangers. Coworkers. IT. Seniority.

It’s all garbage.

I have no freedom of speech because I’m not allowed to say:

You’re all garbage.

So there’s that.

So a foundational cornerstone of the country just flat up doesn’t work, so anyone proud of this country is delusional. There goes that, and you thought I was delusional. :3

Mom’s here to preach at.

Holy shit IT asked for my password over the internet. That is so unprofessional. If anyone finds out, this dude’s in a lot of trouble. Probably me too but my job doesn’t depend on it. I’m too lazy to go to campus drive and tell them in person, write it down or something.

Yeah this guy is braindead.

You all panzies are gonna hurt when we’re in real problems and you were like abusing me for not training you to be tough and teaching you about freedom, you didn’t believe me, and now look where we are. That’s right, Nature, fuckers. Nature is gonna rape you in the ass if you don’t wise up.

Fucking sluts.

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