Some ass on the road revving his engine outside. Punkass piece of shit. This town is low. Real low.

Well anyway, what I was going to say:

People I know are just on my ass constantly, and it’s fucked. I come here to bitch about it but it’s such an incessant problem that I have to blog so frequently that it doesn’t become at all feasible, really. My chest hurts, in the center right, like my organs or something, from the recent OD and I’m horrified. Ugh. My psychiatrist is psychically abusing me. My family is on my case. My delusions are just out of controllll woohoooyeahhhhh! =DDD


Well fuck. I don’t know. I don’t know what to do.

I have been working today. I didn’t take any naps but I did take a lot of breaks, because the shit I have to do is inane.


But I mean it’s not back-breaking. There are many objective ways in which it is very humane and progressive, as far as jobs go. I just choose to focus on the negative parts of it in order to strive for improvement.

There ya go!

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