Everything’s such a big deal. I can never state things just right but that’s England’s fault–they invented a flawed language. Fuck you, England. Then they blame it on their speakers. Fuckers.

What I came here to say, was: Everything is fucked. I’m working, I’m studying JMP at work, and my senior gave me a task. He still needs to email me the problem statement, but he briefly explained in a video chat (and I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked for something in writing–good idea, right?). I still feel like I’m dying on the inside of organ failure due to my accidental drug overdose. I mean, I guess it could really happen. Medication is dangerous. =)

Fuck you, modern western healthcare! Fuck you so hard.

So anyway, I don’t know why everyone spies on me. Then, the people who spy on me laugh at me that I am paranoid using evidence they gathered inducing my paranoia spying on me. Which makes them motherfuckers.

Life’s not so good. I hope you agree.

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