Starting to relax in the evenings w/o kratom…

I’m gonna play it easy for now. All smooth cruisin. No fight. Easy street.


So anyway I’m making progress on my data science paper. =)

That is nice.

Reading, not writing, I mean.


Hmm. I think that’s it.

I talk to my mom a lot.

I don’t really have anyone else in life. Not my brother, not Nick. Even mom’s not close enough in the right direction. She’s close, but not in the right direction. I don’t want a significant other, I just want a different type of friend. A casual friend. I don’t think I have that. All my friends are very hyped up, bad things always happening sort of. I believe there is a term everyone knows which I shall not mention here for that scene. =)



But it feels good to be off kratom. But I’ve said that already. It should only improve. I DID end up taking a nap today! =O Just AFTER work instead of DURING it. I get away with so much but in my defense I will be testing one sample a week once we get rolling, which isn’t a lot but will push me to my limits. Turns out I’m not so good at labwork after all! Things just fit where they belong in the end, don’t they…

Oh who knows.

I should be reading my novel.


Need to check my poetry book’s stats. I bet no copies have sold. Hmm.

this laptop looks so sexy, I set the setting so it functions sends signal to the curved monitor while it (the laptop) is closed. It’s such a sleek setup. =)

What else…

You know?

People are allowed to be shy.

I feel I have made a lot of people feel very bad, and I have a lot to apologize for.

I don’t really know for sure how it all works.


Is it 0+? No harm, and if anything, goodness?

I have the founding fathers of blogging technology designed this well.



To think that I have caused random strangers on the internet undue stress. That just puts a stake in my heart. Ow.

Life’s strange sometimes.

Life’s strange.

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