This is interesting, guys, read it for once

I have data sceince homework, which is to read a science article referenced on coursera course website. And if I dont I am punished with Twitter use, because twitter is bad and unhealthy for the brain, therefore causing me schizophrenia.

How an invention like this hasn’t been eyed suspiciously by the UN and human rights groups globally is strange. It causes brain damage. Twitter is a neurotoxin, and it is addicting. It should be banned in the U.S. It’s not even that useful. You can just snail mail people.

The data science article isn’t very interesting (it’s about data leakage, boring), though, so it’s kind of a cruel sitation. One shitty thing or another, and I’m fucked either way.

Life’s not fair. Whoever draws these casino rules up is a devil in disguise.

Dad was about to psychically abuse me from downstairs for somethought I was about to have there. Ah well.

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