It’s really unfortunate that I stained my monitor so badly so soon after I got it. It’s fancy, too.

This bird outside my window is loud as fuck.

There’s no coffee downstairs so I’m going to be cranky. I don’t want to make and wake up dad.

No one trusts me. No one believes me.

The house is asleep which basically means Don’t do anything.

Annoying. Life alone is much better at 5 AM.

Last day of work this week. I plan on finishing up some JMP tutorials. Next week I have Monday at home so I guess the same and preparing mentally for Tuesday, which is labwork–running the instruments to gather the same dataset (with hopefully the same results) on training samples I’ve already run (with 100% success).

Mozilla was kind enough to register my google password as compromised with an out of date password (from middle school), so thank you for that waste of time, mozilla. Very nice of you to phish me there. I reset my google password THROUGH THE GOOGLE LINK anyway, in the top right of the Google gmail home window (NOT through the mozilla email–big difference).

So anyhow.

From what I know I mean. I don’t know why nor do I proclaim to.

Some people get angry for the stupidest reasons.

I guess my biggest delusion right now is claiming I can sense others’ sentiments. Even when they’re not around. Even when they haven’t had as input my output. Yeah. Really stupid.

But it turns out you can survive under this delusional, without causing any harm or anything. It’s just confusing and kind of dampens the personal space.

So you’re angry all the time.

So if you weren’t a cool-headed person I guess you could lean toward violence but like, I guess I am a cool-headed person?

I don’t know what the psychological analysis of it is exactly.

Really wish I had some coffee.

Twitter it is, then.

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