If social networking is a bubble–which it is, it’s completely useless–what is a useful skill you can learn from the computer terminal? Anything? What’s useful to read, and is anything to read at the computer not harmful to the eyes?

I don’t know the answer to these questions.

I’m learning French 30 min exercise a day in the evening at the computer, plus I’ll be perusing a book of idioms I got that should arrive in the post soon.

I’m really disappointed that this monitor is stained.

What are useful skills to learn at the computer? I mean, even if you learned advanced quantum physics–would that be useful? It might land you a job as a professor, you’d still probably have to go up the academic ladder (which is cut-throat, all of them at all schools are, no exceptions), which doesn’t pay that well. You’d advance human kind, if you could get peer reviewed for your theoretical discoveries, or funding for your lab experiment ideas. If you’re all about advancing mankind. But is that useful?

I am drawing some disconnects here. I hear a loud silent “Yes”. So advancement is what it’s all about? A yes in advance there! Oh touche! Well played.

I don’t believe it though. I’m not in it to advance mankind. I’m in it to advance myself. And I think getting in shape is the best way to do that. But I’m lazy. So I’m doomed.

And I don’t think anyone can life coach me out of it. Y’all so uninspiring.

Not that I have met that many people. But meeting people is risky because most of them are braindead.


I’ll ponder this riddle.

Or not.

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