I took my pills, morning dose, and set up my evening dose. I made sure the propranolol was correct (I almost accidentally OD’ed yesterday).

Writing in here is a waste of time. Maybe. I don’t know what people do with their time. I don’t know what is to important to get worked up over.

Should I send a confirmation message to my psychiatrist about the propranolol or let him wonder if I’m dead?

I can’t stand hearing from him, I can’t stand reading his messages, so I can’t send him a message. A rather flawed component of Kaiser’s messaging system.

Republicans can burn in hell.

But some democrats are really panicky annoying bitches too.

But I think democracy is better than republicanism.

Most isms are stupid.

Acies are nice.

Or something like that.

I’m just milking my time here.

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