I don’t want to talk to anyone on social media anymore. People on social media are inherently vicious, take offense easily, and just generally stupid.

What else…

Does work ever get easier?

I need my life back.

I plan on taking a nap sometime today. I see it in my future. Working from home, so I can. Nevermind the WORK EVERY FUCKING NANOSECOND FROM 9 TO 5 policy of our staffing agency. smfh. Oh I’ve resorted to smfh. Wow I’ve sunk low. Sigh. Cliches bely stupidity. Innovation should be natural. Start small, start young. If you don’t have it it’s never too late.

What else was I going to say (no I wasn’t being cliche there, I was just reminding myself what and getting back on track, why are you stalking me and framing me again?)…

I have some tasks to do today. My thoughts art too big so the chit chat turns to small talk. I guess tha’ts all words are for.

I guess if I keep practicing poetry I’ll get better at expressing myself.

I wonder if someone everr wrote a whole fiction book just to describe one single sentiment. I wonder

But anyway poems for me.

To practice.

To improve my writing.

IT’s strange some people do something ad nauseum never improve. Like me and blogging. i’ve been blogging ten years or more and I have 15 followers. How’s that for a just system?

Anyway. The hive mind cannot recognize skill, or, sarcastically, can.

The hive mind. The stupidest manifestation of the populace I have ever seen.

I feel the life sucking out of me. I feel all my decisions are meaningless.

I’ll just finish this one up.

Hopefully some of you get stuck in the booby traps.


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