Some people are viruses. We call these people Jews. Regardless of whether or not they believe in Judaism.

I have nothing against someone practicing a religion.

But infecting the sanctity of my mind is a cardinal sin.

I don’t intend on harming anyone.

But if you infect my mind, I will call your group out, not by name, but at least by label.

And to preemptively fight back against anyone who likes to smear me as a racist or a Neo-Nazi: No, I’m not a Neo-Nazi. I don’t think Jews should be whatever slaughtered or killed or inconvenienced even.

And now you’re gonna say well shouldn’t you be more concerned that your words here in this blog post for example are gonna cause them harm.

No you’ve got it wrong you’re causing me harm. And they’re causing me harm. Because already you’re hampering what I’m allowed to say.

It’s sarcasm.

Read a book.

I have every right to be a bitch here.

Look up some rule in WordPress’ terms of service and get me banned. I’ll change blogging platforms. Get me banned from all of them. I’ll find a way around. I’ll keep a private diary. Don’t worry, things will work out.

In the end you might realize your true, secret goal (but you were too retarded to even realize it, surprise surprise) was simply to prevent me from writing.

Which is a violation of my constitutional rights.

So check yourself.

Fucking fascist.

Aww look at that; fascists vs neo-nazis.

I think this is a nice solution.

Put two idiot groups against one another.

I just would rather not get involved.

Be the catalyst, okay.

Get involved? No.

But jesus I hope this post doesn’t get me banned.


Good to be small.

But ya gotta take risks sooner or later.

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